Insert your personal information to reserve the apartment of your choice online. You will receive the booking confirmation right away. We will send you the complete confirmation with all details and instructions for the check-in before your arrival.

It is not necessary to make a deposit to confirm a reservation if you provide us with a credit card as a guarantee for your booking. If you prefer not using your credit card you can send us a wire transfer by bank.
ATTENTION! A deposit will be required for reservations over New Year's Eve. You can pay the deposit by credit card or wire transfer.

The balance for the stay must be paid at check-in with cash or credit card (Visa, Mastercard, American Express). If you would like to pay by credit card please add on 5% to the total price for banking and service fees.

In case of total or partial cancellation or in case of changing the dates of your stay, the following charges may apply:

- From the booking date to 15 days before the arrival date: 0% of the total amount for the stay
- From 14 days to the day before the arrival date: 50% of the total amount for the stay
- On the day of your check-in or no-show: 100% of the total amount for the stay

If we must cancel your reservation due to unforseen circumstances, it is our responsibility to inform you immediately and provide you with similar accommodation.
If you choose not to accept our offer, we will return 100% of your deposit.

If you choose the non-refundable fare, the full amount will be charged upon the reservation.

No. During your stay you will have exclusive use of the entire apartment including the kitchen and baths.

Yes, the minimum stay varies from 3 to 5 nights according to the season (6 night minimum stay for New Year’s and Easter). Week-long stays or longer are recommended because the cost per night decreases significantly!

Check-in & check-out

Check-in is granted generally after 4pm, until any time.
If an early check-in is requested, it is granted based on availability. The cost of the early check-in is € 50.
Due to the cleaning staff’s schedule, the initial apartment cleaning is guaranteed by 4pm.
It is necessary to communicate with us at least 7 days before you arrive, through email or phone, your estimated arrival time in order to organize our staff for your check-in.

Yes, it’s possible to check-in between 9pm and 12am at an additional cost of €35. Between 12am and 6 am the additional cost is €50.

You must check-out of the apartment before 11am.

If no other guests are expected to arrive on the day of your check-out, it is possible to leave bags until 1pm. If you would like to leave bags and continue to use the apartment after 1pm there is an additional charge of €50 and dependent on availability.
Alternatively it is possible to leave your bags at not extra charge in our office, from Monday to Friday 9am to 6pm, at via Uffici del Vicario 33.
To confirm an extension it is crucial to call our office a day before at +39 068 745 0447 (Mon-Fri 9-6) or the cell number (+39) 348 888 7366.

Your stay

The price includes: utilities, intial and final cleaning, sheets and towels (additional towels are provided for stays of more than 6 nights), IVA. For stays of more than 10 nights an intermediate cleaning and a change of sheets is included.

Children under the age of 3 stay free of charge. Children 3 and up are charged the regular rate.

Other paid services are available on request (one-time payment):

- Change the arrangment of the beds: €30
- Check-in outside standard times (from 10pm to 9am): €20
- Change additional towels and sheets (price for 6 people): €40
- Additional cleaning*: variable
- Baby stroller 30€
*Additional cleaning should be requested at the time of the reservation, and their costs change depending on the apartment.

The keys will be given to you directly in the apartment during check-in. We’ll give you one or more sets of keys depending on the number of guests.

A security deposit is requested only in certain apartments and will be indicated in the email confirmation of your reservation.
The amount of the deposit must be paid in cash at check-in and will be entirely refunded at the end of your stay, provided there is no damage to the apartment or furnishings.

Yes, there are no predetermined arrival days.

The double mattress (~King) normally measures 1.60 m (63 in) in width, a “French” bed is 1.40 m (55 in), a “piazza e mezzo” (~Queen) bed is 1.20 m (47 in) and a single is 80 cm (31 in). In general the beds are 1.90 m (75 in) long and in some cases 2.0 m (79 in).

Yes, all of the apartments come with towels (3 per person: a bath towel, hand towel, and wash cloth) and sheets. For stays longer than 6 nights, twice as many towels are provided when you arrive and stays of more than 10 days receive an intermediate cleaning with clean sheets and towels already included in the total cost of the stay.

Yes, all of the apartments have hair dryers (1 per bath), irons, and ironing boards.

Yes, in the apartment you’ll find a courtesy kit for each guest with shampoo, soap and toilet tissue.

In apartments where heat is centralized, the thermostats function from the middle of November to the middle of March and times are determined by each building’s administrator. Generally the heat is turned on during the morning from 6-9am and the evening from 5-10pm.

Absolutely, with only a few rare exceptions. Specifically request to bring your pet at the time of the reservation.

Our apartments are located in the historic center of Rome where all services are easily accessible. We’ll provide you with our Rome guide which is full of useful addresses to refer to during your stay with the email confirmation for your reservation.

We guarantee assistance to our guests through a dedicated telephone number available outside office hours.
In the event of any issues or disturbances caused by guests in our apartments, any associated costs are their responsibility.

The tourist tax for the city of Rome is 3,50 € per person and per night. Children under the age of 10 years are excluded. We will ask for the tourist tax at the moment of check-in at the apartment.

Taxi & Transfer

Absolutely! To request information or reserve the service, refer to our page TAXI SERVICE.
To reserve the service at least 48 hours before you arrive, simply let us know your airline, flight number, arrival airport (Fiumicino or Ciampino), and estimated arrival time.
We will confirm with you via email.

In Italy tips are not obligatory. If you were happy with the service, you can leave a few euros as a tip.

The taxi will wait for you at the exit of the terminal holding a sign with your name.

The machine needed to accept credit card payment is only available in some taxis. Please let us know when you request the taxi that you will pay with a credit card.

Yes, we kindly ask that you call us when you arrive to confirm your check-in appointment.

The trip from our apartments varies between 40 and 60 minutes. We suggest that you reserve the taxi at least 1 hour before you’d like to be at the airport.

The price of the taxi is calculated by the number of people and includes 1 hand bag per person. If you are travelling with several bags or large pieces of luggage, it’s better to reserve a larger taxi with more space. Depending on the size of your luggage and number of pieces, there may be an additional cost per bag.

The reservation will be made with the information for the flight that arrives later. We ask that you please provide us with the information for both flights.

Yes, you can reserve a single taxi and communicate both addresses. The taxi will make additional stops at a cost of 5€ per stop as long as the addresses are within 5 km from each other. Otherwise you will need to reserve 2 different taxis.

Guides and tours

Yes, we provide our guests with private and group tours in various languages. You may reserve this service before or during your stay. Contact us for more information!


The menu we propose is at the chef’s discretion and may change according to the season and availability of the ingredients. The menu is always composed of an appetizer (bruschetta with fresh tomatoes and basil, a selection of regional cold cuts and cheeses, or small quiches filled with cherry tomatoes, olive oil and ricotta), an entrée (rice or pasta), a second course with sides (meat or fish) and finished with a sweet dessert (tiramisu). You can tell us your personal preference in advance so we can adapt the menu as far as possible.

No, the chef will take care of the grocery shopping in advance, since he is very busy and often needs to prepare for several dinners contemporaneously.

Yes, you can assist the chef during the preparation for your dinner! This experience is very instructive: the chef will be happy to respond to any question about cooking, food and the kitchen that you may have, and even tell you some of his secrets.

We can prepare menus for vegetarians and vegans. Tell us your preferences in detail when making the reservation!

We can’t guarantee a menu that is 100% adapted to your religious needs, especially since we would need to substitute the pots, pans and kitchen equipment.

Of course! Send us your budget ideas and we’ll make you an offer for this service.

Yes, absolutely. The pricing will start at 140 Euro for the couple.

Our Chef@home is a service in which one of our private chefs come sto your home. Unfortunately, we don’t have the necessary equipment to offer a catering service!

We will accept all your requests but will confirm the reservation only about two weeks before your dinner.

For Italians, the dinner on December 24, lunch on December 25 and dinner on December 31 are special moments, spent together with the family, so we do not offer our Chef Service for these dates. However, we will be happy to book a table for you at your favourite Restaurant!

For a group of more than 14 persons we will need to provide two chefs. Contact us for your special offer!

There is no need to stay at home if you have reserved an apartment with Rome Accommodation. We will take care of everything, and you just need to enjoy the dinner!

Yes, we offer a discount of 50% on the full price for adults for children up to 7 years of age. At 7 years of age we’re sure that your kids will appreciate the tasty dishes prepared by our chef!
If your little ones won’t eat at all just let us know so we can adjust the quantity of ingredients based on the number of actual participants at the dinner.

Of course! A nice, cold beer, milk or soda – let us know in advance which drink you prefer and we will have everything ready for you.

Even though Rome isn’t particularly famous for fish dishes we can offer you a menu that caters to your preferences. To guarantee the best quality we will tell you the extra cost for the fish on the night of your dinner.

Absolutely! Just let us know in advance so that we can adapt the quantity of cutlery, plates and glasses to the number of guests.

Yes, generally it is possible to reserve an evening with the chef also in apartments that are not managed directly by Rome Accommodation. In these cases we will ask for a credit card as a guarantee and will send you a list of items that we require for the chef.

Yes, but we will need to coordinate the date with our chef and confirm availability.

You can cancel the dinner free of charge up to 48 hours before the dinner.

No, our chef will bring everything he needs to prepare the dinner for you, and the kitchen in all our apartments is completely equipped with everything we need.

Not completely: we will need a free level for the tiramisu and some space for the wine bottles and a few other things.

No, he will be too busy preparing your meal!

Tipping is not mandatory, but much appreciated: in Italy tips are given to show one’s appreciation and satisfaction of a service or a meal.

Yes, you can communicate the time at which you would like to eat when reserving the dinner.

Our chef’s availability is not guaranteed for modifications made on the day of the dinner.

Yes, just inform us about your specific intolerances during the reservation process. Please be sure to specify all intolerances so that we can adapt the menu accordingly.
If you have a SEVERE LIFE THREATENING food allergy, unfortunately we will NOT be able to guarantee a meal that excludes these allergy-causing food elements.
We do our best to exclude any food items that may cause a discomfort or intolerance to you.