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reserve your Roman vacation in 4 easy steps!

1. look for an apartment on Rome Accommodation

Choose from over 50 options the apartment where you will enjoy your next vacation in the heart of the Eternal City. Use search filters to select the apartments that best relate to your requirements and select the one for you!


2. reserve your favorite apartment from Rome Accommodation

Insert your personal information to reserve the apartment of your choice online. You will receive the booking confirmation right away. We will send you the complete confirmation with all details and instructions for the check-in before your arrival.


3. get to know us in person

When you arrive in Rome one of our welcome staff will meet you at your apartment. We will tour the apartment with you to explain all of its features and check that everything is in proper working order to avoid any issues during your stay. We are always available, with a dedicated phone number, to provide assistance for any reason in order to guarantee a peaceful and pleasurable stay. 


4. let us know what you think

Did you enjoy your stay or was something off? Share your opinion with us and other Rome Accommodation guests. Your comments and suggestions are very important to improve our apartments and services for the future. Before you go back home stop by our office and let us know about your experience or let us know your thoughts on our Tripadvisor page or any of our social media profiles.