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We still have a great desire to travel and explore the world. 

However, we must be careful and follow some simple rules for our safety and that of others. 

Rome Accommodation has put in place some measures to guarantee you asafe and serene holiday.

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  • Use of personal protective equipment at check-in
  • Welcome safety kit with mask, disinfectant dispenser and handbag gel
  • Delivery of the keys in sterile bags
  • Quick check-in with delivery of information material
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  • Rooms and equipment sanitized after each stay
  • Ventilation systems with filter cleaning after each stay
  • Use of chlorine-based products compliant with the Ministry of Health decree DGPRE 0005443
  • Linens supplied by industrial laundry professionals with washing at 60 ° Celsius
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  • Staff trained and attentive to safety standards
  • Plant maintenance and disinfection
  • Maintenance work performed in the absence of guests


What we are doing to ensure your safety at our properties

In response to Coronavirus (Covid-19) we have implemented a complete cleaning and disinfection protocol for each property.

Cleaning and maintenance staff

The cleaning and maintenance staff is equipped with PPE (personal protective equipment) consisting of disposable gloves and masks.


  • Before and after each disinfection procedure, workers sanitize their hands.
  • At the end of each disinfection, the workers group the PPE used and dispose of it correctly.
  • Once cleaning is complete and before leaving the structure, all knobs and handles are disinfected.


Maintenance personnel are not authorized to transit the property during a guest's stay, unless absolutely necessary or in an emergency.

Disinfectant products

The cleaning staff uses alcohol-based disinfectant products certified by the relevant bodies, following their recommendations to ensure efficacy against the virus

High risk surfaces

High risk surfaces are those where the virus can settle more easily. Therefore these surfaces are disinfected several times with specific products and are:


  • Switches, plugs, sockets, chains for lamps and fans
  • Window sills, handles and window knobs
  • Cabinet handles and knobs
  • Household appliance buttons
  • Buttons and cables for electrical and electronic equipment
  • Console and remote controls for temperature control
  • Hangers and luggage racks
  • Knobs or handles for drawers
  • Display and other touchscreen controllers
  • Toys, games and baby equipment
  • Handrail stairs and railings
  • Washbasin and toilet drain button
  • Taps and mixers
Floors and bathrooms

Floors and bathrooms are disinfected with certified virucidal products, as well as hair dryers and accessories (soap, shampoo and other cleaning products)

Plates, cutlery, kitchen utensils and appliances
  • As a preventive measure, all dishes and kitchen utensils, even if they have not been used, are washed in the dishwasher at a minimum temperature of 65 ° C.
  • Also electrical appliances such as coffee maker, toaster, microwave, kettle, refrigerator interior, etc. will be disinfected with specific products.
Textiles, sofas and upholstery

After each check-out, all sets of sheets and towels, even those not used, will still be replaced.


  • Previously they have been disinfected and sanitized at high temperatures at industrial laundry professionals.
  • Textiles and sofas are disinfected with specific products.
Final check of the correct disinfection

To have complete certitude and a general overview of the work done, we follow strict check-lists, which easily guides us in thorough disinfection without forgetting essential steps for the security of our guests.