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The origins of the quarter of Trastevere date back to the foundation of Rome.


The area was originally under Etruscan control but the Romans successfully occupied it. It's original habitants all worked in fields tied to life on the riverbank.


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During the Empire many Roman nobles moved here, which at the time was open countryside, building magnificent villas, the ruins of which can be seen in Palazzo Massimo or Villa Farnesina. The isolation of Trastevere, which up to medieval times was linked to the other side of the city only by the Sublicio bridge, meant that the locals developed certain distinct characteristics and became known as "trasteverini".


Today the area is considered the heart of the city, where traditions such as the Festival of Noantri.

Trastevere offers two faces to visitors: by day stroll through the winding streets enjoying the atmosphere of the botteghe or the historical sights such as Villa Farnesina, decorated with frescoes by Raffaello, or the Church of Santa Maria in Trastevere.


Continue your walk up to the Gianicolo and take in the breath-taking views of the city. By night the area awakens as the many local bars and restaurants open, and you can enjoy an 'apperitivo' or typical Roman cuisine.


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