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Augustus' Mausoleum


Once one of the most imposing monuments of Ancient Rome, Augustus’ Mausoleum is now an unrecognizable ruin having been transformed into a fortress in the middle ages and then used as a vineyard and garden before being deprived of its travertine stone blocks which were used to build other buildings.


Our apartments near Augustus' Mausoleum:

DOLCE VITA - Modern apartment near metro stop Barberini

DOLCE FAMILY - Beautiful apartment for kids and families 

CONDOTTI - Modern apartment with 3 bedrooms 

PIAZZA DI SPAGNA - Beautfiul apartment with large terrace 

VILLA MEDICI - Large apartment a few minutes from Via Condotti 

CAMPO MARZIO - Huge apartment with terraces in the heart of the city 

VILLA BORGHESE – Spacious holiday apartment near Via Veneto

Address: Piazza Augusto Imperatore Telephone: 06.0608 Entrance: Free Directions: It is possible to reach this point of interest by taking the Autobus for Piazza Augusto Imperatore. Take a look at the apartments in the area

Apartments in this area