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Baths of Caracalla


Now home to a world famous summer music festival, the marevllously conserved Baths of Caracalla were once the most luxurious of baths in Rome. Occupying a surface area of over 10 hectares, they were fed by a sophisticated plumbing system and could accommodate up to 1,600 visitors.

The baths were built by Antonino Caracalla in 217 and used for over 300 years the aqueduct by which they were supplied with water was destroyed by the Visigoths.


In the vicinity of the Baths of Caracalla there are some of our apartments:

Address: Viale delle Terme di Caracalla 52 Telephone: 06.39967700 Entrance: 9-18:15 Directions: It is possible to reach this point of interest by taking the Metro for Circo Massimo. Take a look at the apartments in the area

Apartments in this area