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Campo de' Fiori square

campo de fiori

Campo de' Fiori is one of the nerve centres of Roman life. Home to a colourful fruit and vegetable market by day, by night it becomes an open air meeting point where the young people of Rome come together to eat in the fashionable restaurants and drink in the trendiest bars in town.
The centre of the square is marked by a statue of Giordano Bruno, a Christian martyr burned on the stake in 1600 having been as accused of heresy. The square also has another interesting characteristic: it is the only square in the historic centre of Rome without a church, which has made Campo de Fiori the heart of secular Rome.


Many of the streets around Campo de Fiori bear the names of the craftsmen which traditionally had their workshops there:


  • Via dei Cappellari is dedicated to milliners;
  • Via dei Baullari is dedicated to trunk makers;
  • Via dei Chiavari is dedicated to keysmiths.
  • Still today Via dei Giubbonari is lined with clothing shops.


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Address: Campo de' Fiori Telephone: - Entrance: Directions: It is possible to reach this point of interest by taking the Autobus for Corso Vittorio Emanuele II. Take a look at the apartments in the area

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