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Palazzo Madama

Palazzo madama

Built between the XV and XVI century, Palazzo Madama owes its name to having hosted the daughter of the Spanish king and German Emperor Carlo V, Marguerite of Austria for many years. In the course of the following centuries it continued hosting dignitaries of Italian and European noble families until it was converted to the Italian Senate in 1871.

Here you can see the following: Cortile d'Onore, Sala Maccari, Sala Garibaldi, Sala del Risorgimento, Sala dello Struzzo, Aula Legislativa, Sala Pannini, and the Scalone di San Luigi.

Useful information


  • Email: visitealsenato@senato.it
  • Telephone: +39 06 67062177


Open to the public on the first Saturday every month, from 10.00am to 6.00pm except in August.

Next tours

  • Saturday 2 July 2016 - opening PALAZZO MADAMA (entrance Piazza Madama n. 11)
  • Saturday 10 September 2016 - opening PALAZZO MADAMA (entrance Piazza Madama n. 11)
  • Saturday 1 October 2016 - opening PALAZZO MADAMA (entrance Piazza Madama n. 11)

Opening times could change, please check on www.senato.it/visitareilsenato/privati


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Address: Piazza Madama Telephone: 06.67062430 Entrance: Directions: It is possible to reach this point of interest by taking the Autobus for Corso Rinascimento. Take a look at the apartments in the area

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