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Saint Peter's Basilica


Saint Peter's Church is generally considered the masterpiece of Michelangelo. Designed by Bernini in the mid-1600s it represents two arms which welcome the pilgrims who enter the square.


It took over 150 years to complete the building of the basilica and architects of the calibre of Bramante, Raphael, Antonio da Sangallo, Giacomo della Porta and Carlo Maderno were involved in its construction.


Appointed project manager in 1547 at the age of 72 years, Michelangelo was responsible for the design of the immense cupola but died before the church could be completed.


The facade and portico were thus designed by Carlo Maderno, who became the director of construction on the death of Michelangelo, and the huge 187 metre long interior was decorated by Bernini and Giacomo della Porta. With a capacity of over 60,000 people, St. Peter’s church is decorated with such extraordinary works of art as Michelangelo’s Pietà and Bernini’s baldequin.


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