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Scopri la tradizionale cucina romana preparata da uno Chef a domicilio nella tua casa vacanze a Roma!

chef meno italia

Un'autentica serata italiana

Scopri l’autentica cucina Italiana, frutto della tradizione, passione, qualità e ospitalità.

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Un’esperienza gastronomica indimenticabile

Goditi una cena con i tuoi amici nella tranquillità della tua casa vacanze a un prezzo conveniente.

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Servizio di Chef a domicilio

I nostri chef si occuperanno di fare la spesa, cucinare, pulire e soprattutto farvi scoprire i segreti dell’autentica cucina romana.

chef meno posate

Partecipa alla preparazione o arriva quando tutto è pronto

Potete scegliere se partecipare e imparare le ricette italiane tradizionali oppure arrivare a casa quando è tutto pronto per gustare la vostra cena.



Ecco un menù tipico italiano creato per Chef@Home.

I piatti e gli ingredienti possono cambiare secondo la disponibilità e la stagione.

Informazioni sulla cena

Prezzo per persona:
Per servizi effettuati in appartamenti esterni è previsto un costo extra di 50€ oltre al rimborso di eventuale acquisti per la dotazione
  • 2 padelle grandi (1 grande e 1 media per gruppi fino a 4 persone)
  • 1 padella media
  • 1 pentolino
  • 1 pentola per la pasta
  • Scolapasta
  • Ciotole o piatti per servire gli antipasti
  • Tagliere
  • Numero stoviglie adeguato al numero di ospiti
  • 1 mestolo per la pasta
  • Forbici
  • Detersivo per piatti
  • Canovaccio
  • Sale fino
  • Olio extra vergine
  • Canovaccio
  • Zucchero
  • Busta per l'immondizia
  • Spugna per i piatti

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Recensioni Chef@Home

  1. flag en_GB
    Thor Arne
    5/5 2019-12-16
    Chef Claudio

    Chef at home worked very well. Chef Claudio was amazing!

  2. flag en_GB
    Sharon Simpson
    5/5 2019-11-11
    Chef Silvia

    We took advantage of booking Chef Andrea through their company and had a great meal in the apartment. Chef Andrea through your company was a great bonus!

  3. flag en_GB
    Kareen White
    5/5 2019-10-21
    Chef Gabriele

    Gabriele and his partner prepared a wonderful meal for us to celebrate our friend’s birthday. Each of the four courses was delicious and complemented perfectly by the wine. We enjoyed Gabriele’s descriptions of each course and hope he’s going to share some of his recipes. That way we can try to recreate his dishes and at least bring back the happy memory. It was a truly pleasurable evening - bellissimo!

  4. flag en_GB
    Anna Peters
    5/5 2019-09-15
    Chef Silvia

    Amazing dinner for our family of 13!
    Chef Silvia was wonderful and prepared a really tasty dinner for our last night in Rome during a multi-city trip around Europe. After setting the table, Silvia and her assistant (my apologies forgot his name) served us 3 dishes: Panzanella salad with fresh tomato sauce she prepared previous day, beef and arugula, a vegetarian dish (for me) and dessert which was a take on tiramisu made with ricotta that we branded "ricotta-su". Chocolate cake to help us celebrate a few birthday's in our group.
    Silvia was very personable, shared stories about her son and life in Rome and overall made our last night feel more special. Thanks Silvia!

  5. flag en_GB
    Anne Christensen
    5/5 2019-08-08
    Chef Silvia

    Sylvia was amazing! She was so personable and flexible with our needs-she prepared both meat and vegetarian courses for us. She shared her cooking techniques as well as personal stories with us. I would recommend her and the service to anyone.

  6. flag en_GB
    5/5 2019-06-18
    Chef Gabriele

    Just had Chef Gabriel leave our apartment after treating us to a traditional 4 course Roman meal. The dinner was wonderful and the Chef both knowledgeable and engaging. We had the best and most relaxed meal so far in Rome. Highly recommend..

  7. flag en_GB
    Jenna Koehler
    5/5 2019-06-17
    Chef Silvia

    Chef Silvia was AMAZING! So kind and nice. The food was absolutely DELICIOUS! Best we had our entire stay in Rome.

  8. flag en_GB
    Jodi Breneman
    5/5 2019-05-29
    Chef Andrea

    The last night we were there we hired one of their chefs to come into the apartment and cook dinner for us. Chef Andrea was amazing and I have to say....it was one of the best meals we had in Rome all week!

  9. flag en_GB
    Greg Daniels
    4.5/5 2019-05-23
    Chef Andrea

    WE had chef Andrea prepare a fantastic meal and dessert for our family of seven in our Rome apartment !! He was great !! the food was delicious and the conversation with Andrea was awesome !! such a great man !! we are so glad we decided to have a personal chef come in to prepare an authentic Italian meal for us ! thank you Andrea ,The Daniels family

  10. flag en_GB
    Alexia Crossman
    5/5 2019-05-14
    Chef Silvia

    Chef Silvia prepared a wonderful meal for our last night in Rome! Such a relaxing and wonderful experience - and the food was amazing! Thank you Silvia!

  11. flag en_GB
    Dan Luttner
    5/5 2019-04-30
    Chef Andrea

    We had Chef Andrea come to our rental in Rome to prepare Easter dinner for six adults and our toddler. The entire experience was amazing! Catherine handled setup and communication, and came over to bring what Chef needed and make sure the kitchen was stocked beforehand. She also made our table and got everything organized.

    Chef Andrea was awesome! We had antipasto, a spring vegetable pasta, lamb with potatoes and a strawberry and creme dessert. The food was one of the best meals we had in two weeks in Italy. Chef was very friendly, he shared his knowledge and let us watch/help to everyone's own comfort level, and was a master of balancing chitchat with letting us eat and talk at the table during the meal. We took pictures, shared wine, ate together, and Andrea left the kitchen cleaner than when he arrived.

    It was one of the most memorable occasions during our trip, I would highly recommend.

  12. flag en_GB
    Emily Baffaro
    5/5 2019-04-20
    Chef Silvia

    We chose to do the chef at home experience on our last day and loved it. It was great talking with the chef about local dishes and our kids even tried new foods too!

  13. flag en_GB
    Andy Hampton
    5/5 2019-04-09
    Chef Silvia

    The private dining experience was first rate and Sylvia was a joy in every way, personality, courtesy and delicious food....all top notch.

  14. flag de_DE
    Alexander Sunder
    5/5 2019-04-01
    Chef Andrea

    We enjoyed one night an inhouse cooking event with chef Andrea which was with our party of 16 a wonderful experience. Margana Palace is definetely a recommendable place for a stay with a bigger group of people.

  15. flag en_GB
    Nathaniel Weiss
    5/5 2019-03-30
    Chef Gabriele

    We spent two fantastic evenings with Chef Gabriele. The first night he conducted an Italian cooking class with our five children ranging in ages from 8 to 12. They all had a great experience and their parents / grandparents / and uncle enjoyed what they prepared with Chef Gabriele. The second evening Chef Gabriele prepared a four course dinner for our family and also distant members of our family who happen to be Romans! It was a great evening. Again kudos to Chef Gabriele. We highly recommend him.

  16. flag en_GB
    Dawn Collins
    5/5 2019-03-27
    Chef Andrea

    We would highly recommend the chef at home experience, it was a lovely relaxing evening and the food was great.

  17. flag en_GB
    Linda Jones
    5/5 2019-02-08
    Chef Silvia

    Chef at home experience enjoyed enormously by everyone!

  18. flag en_GB
    Jeremy Swift
    5/5 2019-01-12
    Chef Andrea

    Our hosts offered a private chef service which we used for the birthday meal and the chef, Andrea, was great. The meal he delivered was a definite highlight of our trip

  19. flag fr_FR
    Isabelle Le Moing
    5/5 2018-12-19
    Chef Andrea

    Il s'agit d'un retour sur la prestation fournie par Andrea le Mer 19 12 2018 à Belle Arti : Le chef a été ponctuel et d'un excellent contact. Sa cuisine était parfaite et je souhaite lui attribuer la note maximale permise. De la Saltimbocca au Sabayon tout a été excellent. De plus il s'adaptait à notre rythme. IL a laissé la cuisine parfaitement propre après son passage . Nous sommes très satisfait de sa prestation !

  20. flag en_GB
    Andrews Julian
    5/5 2018-12-18
    Chef Andrea

    One of the highlights was the option to book a chef to cook us a 4 course meal in the apartment. Andrea came and delighted us with the most delicious food and wine. Such a treat

  21. flag en_GB
    Mary Randolph
    5/5 2018-11-21
    Chef Gabriele

    I just wanted to let you know that we had a great time with Chef Gabriele. He was very knowledgeable and personable during his time with us."

  22. flag en_GB
    Sam Carter
    5/5 2018-11-17
    Chef Andrea

    We took advantage of the personal chef advertised by Roberta & Margherita, we decided on a date and they organised everything for us. The chef who arrived was Andrea, and he deserves his own review! He was very friendly, talking us through the different things he was going to cook for us. The food was delicious, and the wine complimented the food perfectly. Some of the dishes I would not normally have gone for but having Andrea talk us through the dishes, along with the presentation of the food, you could not resist! This is a definite must, to have quality, restaurant style dishes cooked and served in your apartment is an experience we will certainly wish to do again! Great value for money and a wonderful experience."

  23. flag en_GB
    Emily Drennan
    5/5 2018-11-15
    Chef Gabriele

    We used the Chef at Home service, please pass on our compliments to Gabrielle, we thoroughly enjoyed it.

  24. flag en_GB
    Maria Shier
    5/5 2018-11-14
    Chef Andrea

    They arranged taxis for us as well as a chef at home. Andrea the chef prepared a wonderful meal for us. Thank you all, we will definitely stay there again.

  25. flag en_GB
    Caroline Goldsmith
    5/5 2018-10-25
    Chef Silvia

    The agency helped us organize many activities and transportation, including schedule a private chef to come cook us a 4 course dinner in the apartment (Silvia was amazing)!"

  26. flag en_GB
    Evan Carter
    5/5 2018-08-30
    Chef Gabriele

    Gabriele was fantastic. Food was incredible and we had an amazing time. Thank you so much for organizing that for us. We really appreciate it! And next time you speak with him, please let him know!

Conosci gli chef


I nostri chef a domicilio a Roma sono dei veri esperti di Carbonara e Saltimbocca e sono pronti a rivelarvi i loro segreti.